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LME Tour Tuner School Fall 2016

Late Model Engines LME Tour

Late Model Engines is located in Houston right down the road from Tuner School, so our automotive technical students are able to go tour this great engine building facility. LME builds with the highest quality standards and has built some of the fastest cars in the world. These fall 2016 students were thrilled to go…

Fabrication and welding training begins for Fall 2016 Tuner School

Mig vs Tig Welding in Slow Motion

While the fall 2016 Tuner School students are beginning their fabrication training, we shot some cool footage to show in slow motion the difference between mig welding and tig welding. Mig looks so much more violent than tig in this demonstration.

Fabrication and welding training begins for Fall 2016 Tuner School

Fabrication Trade Training at Tuner School Fall 2016

Our students in the Fall 2016 class were able to begin fabrication training, learning how to mig and tig weld. Our lead fabricator at Hennessey Performance helps teach the students the tricks to his trade on how he fabricates parts for many fast cars including the 1600 horsepower Venom GT! Now that is an exciting…

Happy Birthday Celbration at Tuner School

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Happy Birthday Brandon F. from Tuner School! Our students leave their homes to come to our trade school for 14 weeks, we love to celebrate their birthdays and hopefully makes them feel home away from home.

learning dyno fall 2016

Learning Chassis Dyno

Training on how to properly use a chassis dyno kicked off today for the Fall 2016 Tuner School Class. When you are driving a car over 100 mph on a dyno, it is greatly important to know the car has safely been setup and appropriately strapped down. The students will be on the dyno many...

John Hennessey Visits Class Fall 2016

John Hennessey dropped in to visit the new Tuner School class for Fall 2016. It is always a treat as a student to hear from the man and the legend himself about his passion and love for Tuner School, and also to share with each other what drives them in what they do. It is...

First Day of School for Fall 2016

We welcome the new class to Tuner School for Fall of 2016! It is our pleasure to have you all here and we look forward to helping you learn more about high performance automotive technical trade. The first week will have a lot of class time, but soon we will all be wrenching and building…

Matco Visit to Tuner School

Matco Jim visited Tuner School Summer 2016 class to share with the students all the great features of their high quality tools. Jim also brought out some of their newest tools to hit the market and was able to teach from his own experience of being a performance shop owner in years past. It is…

Team Camaro and Team Mustang are Set

The Tuner School summer 2016 students have been assigned their teams for the semester, Meet Team Camaro and Team Mustang. The students were able to baseline chassis dyno test their cars to know what power they are starting with before installing the power adders. It’s an exciting time with an education in high performance!