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Rustang Engine and Transmission Installed

Great day at Tuner School Summer 2014! We mated together the Rustang race car project engine to the transmission, and dropped it into the car! We really can not wait to see what this car will do, this is a great project!

Rustang Engine Complete

This engine will be going in the Race Car “Rustang” project. Tuner School Summer 2014 just completed the engine build and will soon go in the car. The motor is a stock LS3 bottom end with fresh rings and clevite H-series bearings. It has LSA heads from a CTS-v with Texas speed valve spring kit….

Track Day

Tuner School Summer 2014 students were able to do some 1/8 mile drag strip runs at our very own track on the School facility, Lonestar Motorsports Park. It was a fun time learning how the cars handle the power mods added and learning how to race on a prepped track.

Rustang Update

Summer 2014 Tuner School Students fabricating on our Rustang race car project. Nothing like cutting metal and making hand made parts!

Ford GT Baseline Dyno

Tuner School Summer 2014 students had the opportunity to baseline dyno a Hennessey Performance customer’s Ford GT. Great experience to learn on some really fast cars!

LS3 engine teardown

Tuner School Summer 2014 tearing down and cleaning up an LS3 engine to send off to the machine shop. Our students are not afraid to get their hands dirty!