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200 Automotive Technology – Advanced Tuning

TS201 Advanced Engine Dynamics and Electrical Theory | 2 weeks, 28 lecture hours, 17 lab hours Students will learn the advanced dynamics of the internal combustion engine. They will also learn what is involved in advanced airflow dynamics, fuel dynamics, electrical control systems and the combustion process. This course explains advanced electronics, circuits, controls and wiring. Students will learn proper wiring techniques and how to diagnose wiring and electrical circuit issues. *Prerequisite TS100 Program.

TS202 OEM Systems and Strategies | 5 weeks, 43.75 lecture hours, 68.75 lab hours Students will learn advanced strategies of properly tuning and diagnosing OEM computer systems from various manufacturers. Safety and longevity will be emphasized as well as advanced diagnostic techniques. The students will learn how to properly tune for aftermarket modifications such as induction and exhaust systems, cylinder head modifications, and valve event changes from the installation of camshafts as well as forced induction systems. *Prerequisite TS201 Course.

TS203 Aftermarket Systems and Strategies | 4 weeks, 35 lecture hours, 55 lab hours Students will learn how to install, setup and tune aftermarket engine management systems for various performance related applications. They will also learn the advanced functions and strategies of each of the systems. Students will learn how to employ advanced strategies for various desired results including safety, drivability, emissions and racing applications. *Prerequisite TS201-202 Course. 4 Weeks. 40 Hours Lecture. 60 Hours Lab

TS 204 Advanced Motorsports Strategies, Data Analysis and Management | 1 week, 5 lecture hours, 17.5 lab hours Students will learn about tuning strategies for specific motorsports arenas including ATV/UTV strategies, drag racing, endurance racing, marine applications and road racing. The students will learn how to collect and interpret critical test data and feedback, as well as how to anticipate future use and conditions. The students will also gain a working knowledge of the strategic management and details to be successful in the advanced motorsports segments. *Prerequisite TS201-203 Course.

TS205 Responsibility, Safety and Emissions | 1 week, 5 lecture hours, 17.5 lab hours Students will learn the concepts, importance and responsible application of performance tuning with emissions. The student will learn the emissions testing process and how to properly apply performance tuning strategies to meet emission standards. Students will also learn proper safety standards and techniques for the job and job site. *Prerequisite TS 201-204 Course.

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