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Frequently Asked Questions about Tuner School

How long is the program?
Tuner School’s 100 Automotive Technology – Intro to High Performance and 200 Advanced Tuning programs are 14 weeks long, and we have three terms per year. Please see the calendar page for accurate dates.

What type of degree will I receive?
Tuner School is a non-college degree (NCD) program. You will receive a certificate stating that you have satisfactorily completed the course upon graduation.

How much does Tuner School Cost?
Each class at Tuner School is $16,650. This includes a $100 application fee and a $150 lab fee.

Is financial aid available for Tuner School?
No, not at this time. Tuner School is a private school and is currently not set-up to accept any types of government loans.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept the Post 9/11 GI Bill and/or VR&E, checks (business or personal), bank wire transfers and most major credit cards.

What are the requirements to attend Tuner School?
At a minimum, we require a valid driver’s license and high school diploma or GED. However, Tuner School does not accept everyone who applies. We are seeking people with a passion for high performance vehicles, who have good character and who want to be successful in the automotive aftermarket industry.

How do I apply?
Take the first step towards your new career by clicking here. An admissions team member will contact you, answering any questions you may have.

I was accepted into Tuner School. What’s next?
To secure a seat in an available class, Tuner School requires a $2,500 tuition deposit from our nonmilitary students or a $500 refundable deposit if using the GI Bill or VR&E.  After receiving your initial payment, you will receive a statement and receipt showing that your seat has been held for you. Tuner School requires that your tuition be paid in full prior to beginning your class.

What if I need to change terms?
Call the Tuner School office at 979.885.1300 and speak with the Tuner School Director or Registrar, to insure there is space in the term you wish to transfer to.

What are my housing options while I attend Tuner School?
There are options in Sealy, Brookshire, and Katy, TX, which are located just a few minutes east of Tuner School.

Is there public transportation from Houston to Sealy, Texas?
No, there are no public bus or train routes to Sealy, Texas. Students will need a vehicle to commute to school.

Can I visit Tuner School to see the campus and school environment?
Yes. Please fill out an inquiry and an admissions team member will contact you regarding an available tour date and time.

Do I get any kind of certification when I graduate from Tuner School?
Yes. All students who successfully complete Tuner School will receive a certificate and transcript to show an employer what they are trained to do.

Will there be any opportunities for me to work while I go to school?
We encourage all of our students to work in an automotive related field while they attend Tuner School.

Does Tuner School carry any state licensing?
Tuner School is licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC), under its Career Schools and Colleges licensing program. TWC provides information and technical assistance to schools, students and the public.

Who will hire me when I graduate? Where would I work?
The automotive aftermarket industry is a multi-billion dollar business. There are thousands of auto related companies around the world who install, develop, distribute, engineer, market and tune a wide variety of products and services to enthusiasts of all walks of life. Visit SEMA.org to find out who some of these companies are!

Will Tuner School help me get a job after graduation?
Tuner School will equip you with the fundamental skills that will help you start your career in the automotive aftermarket industry. We will also help you prepare a resume and guide you as to how to present yourself as a confident and professional individual. Tuner School cannot guarantee employment. Ultimately, you are in control of your job opportunities. Tuner School will strive to help you maximize your skill level and your understanding of how the industry operates, so that you can find the job that best suits your knowledge and goals.

What do tuner technicians get paid in the industry?
It depends on what you are able to do for your employer. Tuner School makes no claim about potential earnings, since earnings can vary depending on the size, location and other factors of each employer. The more value you can add to a company the more you will likely make. Some entry level positions may pay in the $20-30k per year range. Seasoned techs can make in the $40-60k per year range. Top earners can make $80k per year or more depending on their area of specialization and markets where they work. The more you know how to do and the more efficient you are in making your employer successful and profitable, the more money you will make. It’s that simple. You can visit the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information at www.bls.gov.

Do I need to have any special knowledge or skills to attend Tuner School?
No. All you need is a desire to learn and a passion for performance, cars, racing, etc.

Does every Tuner School student graduate?
With few exceptions, all students that enter school do graduate provided they meet the school’s graduation requirements to include maintaining a grade of 70 or above, and be able to successfully perform all of the basic skills taught.

What makes Tuner School different from other auto tech programs?
Unlike other tech schools whose curriculum focuses on diagnostics and repair, Tuner School focuses its program in one area – high performance.
Here are a few differences:

  • Tuner School is located at and was founded by Hennessey Performance, one of the leading automotive aftermarket firms in the world.
  • Tuner School operates at a racetrack, which is part of the learning environment.
  • Smaller classes that provide a more interactive one-on-one experience.
  • School dedicated performance Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet cars that each class will modify and calibrate.
  • 2 Dynamometers for Testing and Calibrations (1 all-wheel loaded and 1 inertia)
  • Tuner School sets its own teaching agenda with the most relevant information and skills training that students need to succeed.
  • Tuner School is all about high-performance, auto technology, skills, and systems.
  • Tuner School graduates will be part of an elite group of alumni who now belong to the thriving automotive performance industry.