Spring 2014 Class Graduation

We wish the Spring 2014 Class the best in their future endeavors. We look forward to hear about their success stories in the near future.

turbo mustang tuner school

Spring 2014 completes Turbo Mustang

The custom turbo install on our mustang was completed yesterday and was run on the dyno. Our instructor hopes to get 600 out of the setup with 5 lbs of boost and we will do some 1/4 mile testing on it today.  

Brembo Brakes Visits Tuner School

Brembo visits Tuner School

Brembo representative Bob Chmelka of Race Technologies came to Tuner School to speak to the students about brake technologies. What a great day to be able to take in so much knowledge from a great company, the best in brake technology! Thank you for taking the time to visit and share with our students!

nitrous express visit tuner school

Nitrous Express visits Tuner School

Thanks to Mike at Nitrous Express for taking the time to teach Tuner School about nitrous systems! Our goal is to expose students to the high-performance world and, whenever possible, it’s great to have our amazing partners come and tell us about their specialty and products!