Matco Visit to Tuner School

Matco Jim visited Tuner School Summer 2016 class to share with the students all the great features of their high quality tools. Jim also brought out some of their newest tools to hit the market and was able to teach from his own experience of being a performance shop owner in years past. It is…

Team Camaro and Team Mustang are Set

The Tuner School summer 2016 students have been assigned their teams for the semester, Meet Team Camaro and Team Mustang. The students were able to baseline chassis dyno test their cars to know what power they are starting with before installing the power adders. It’s an exciting time with an education in high performance!

John Hennessey visits the Tuner School Summer 2016 class

John Hennessey stopped by to introduce himself to the new Tuner School summer 2016 class and to welcome the students to great new semester. Making fast cars faster has always been John’s passion and started this school to help others learn how to pursue their dreams with the high performance industry.

Tuner School Summer 2016 Class Begins

The Summer 2016 class began this week and we are all excited to welcome the new class! Future power adders in the works and a whole lot of fun taking a stock Ford Mustang GT and a Chevrolet Camaro to forced induction and all the works! Check back for updates and also check out our…