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A lesson on engine theory

Students learning the basics of engine operation and developing an understanding of common engine nomenclature and terms.

Track Testing Forced Induction

Tuner School Summmer 2014 students were able to track test the cars with forced induction that they built. Bother cars did well despite not the best tires, the camaro turned out a 11.91 1/4 mile and the mustang pulled out a 11.95 with street tires.

Dyno Supercharged Camaro and Turbo Mustang

Tuner School Summer 2014 Students put down some great numbers on the dyno today with the the supercharged camaro. After changing out the pulley we were able to make 658 rwhp (Rear Wheel Horespower)! Dyno time with the turbocharged Tuner School Mustang went very well today also! after some adjustments, we got the power numbers…

Forced Induction

Tuner School Summer 2014 Students have begun forced induction this week. The mustang is getting fitted up with a custom turbo kit built by the Spring 2014 class, and the Camaro is getting a TVS style supercharger. Looking forward to boost numbers on the dyno by the end of the week!